Temkin Group Research & Advisory Subscriptions

Full Access to Leading-Edge CX Research

Research & advisory subscriptions allow you to share Temkin Group research with everyone in your organization. Here are some examples of our research:

  • Best practices: Learn from rich examples and case studies
  • CX assessments: Use tools & data to evaluate your CX efforts and competencies
  • Benchmarks: Access data about individual companies and industries, including Temkin Ratings data.
  • Trends: Keep abreast of key trends that will affect your business
  • Business impact: Understand the economics of customer experience

Customized Advice From CX Transformists

Research & advisory subscriptions also include a variety of ways for you to interact with Temkin Group and get help with your specific needs.

  • Strategy Session: Review your annual CX plans or get feedback on an important strategy that your are considering. You can schedule one 90-minute call per year. Some firms do a full review of their CX efforts while others like to use it to review a key strategic initiative.
  • Advice On-Call: Receive quick feedback on questions about the research or any related CX topics. Ten inquiries per year that can be answered with a short email or a phone call up to 30 minutes. Companies use inquiries for things such as reviewing key decisions, understanding the implication of research, and brainstorming ideas. Vendors often use inquiries to review their marketing ideas, presentations, and positioning.
  • On-Demand Webinars: Research subscribers have access to recordings of Webinars on many topics. Temkin Group can help you use these as part of interactive internal learning sessions. These webinars can be great for sharing with your organization through events such as “lunch & learn” sessions.

For pricing and more information about research & advisory subscriptions, send an email to info@temkingroup.com or call us at (617) 916-2075.

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