Temkin Group Research & Advisory Subscriptions

The Value of Research & Advisory Subscriptions

With a Research & Advisory Subscription, you can access Temkin Group research & data and advice from Temkin Group’s CX Transformists.

Components of Temkin Group's Customer Experience Research & Advisory Subscriptions

Research & Advisory Subscription Options

Temkin Group offers two types of Research & Advisory Subscriptions:

  • Enterprise Research & Advisory Subscriptions: Unlimited access to all of our published research and data that you can share with anyone in your organization. Additional benefits include:
    • Advice during a 90-minute Strategy Session
    • Ongoing support with 10 inquiries per year.
    • Educational webinar tailored for your organization’s needs
    • Discounts on additional services such as strategy days, in-house workshops, webinars, and speeches.
  • Individual Research & Advisory Subscriptions: Access to all of our published research and data for a specified number of people (not available for vendors).

For more information, visit the Temkin Group website.


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