Three Questions For National Design Week

You may have missed it on the calendar, but we’re in the middle of National Design Week. In a National Design Week event called The Business Of Design, Jeanne Liedtka, from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, discussed a three year study that looked at managers who could grow revenue in a slow market. Her advice to executives:

They need to unlearn. The first thing a manager should do is leave the building and talk to a customer.

My Take: Some people may be asking: “Why should I care about National Design Week, I’m not a designer or an artist.” It turns out that “design” is a critical element in many aspects of business. To understand why it’s important, let’s think about what makes good design

Good design is something that evokes a positive emotional response from a particular audience (the assessment of design is in the eyes of the beholder). Isn’t that the goal for activities like product development, service design, customer experience, and marketing?

In honor of National Design Week, I urge everyone to constantly ask (and answer) the three questions of Scenario Design that we’ve been using at Forrester for more than a decade:

  1. Who are your users?
  2. What are their goals?
  3. How can you help them accomplish their goals?

The bottom line: Good design is good business.