Resources for CX Maturity Level 6: EMBED

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In this final stage of CX maturity, companies have integrated CX into everyday decisions and practices. These companies are capable of delivering great CX because they have articulated and fulfilled their brand promises to customers and have clearly expressed their organizational purpose to both employees and customers.

Key Activities In This Stage:

  • Regularly take the pulse of employees to make sure that your company’s values remain vibrant.
  • Monitor shifts in customer needs and expectations to ensure that brand promises continue to resonate with customers.
  • Help the company maintain focus on CX as other priorities emerge in the business and compete for attention and resources.

Relevant Content:

Relevant Temkin Group Services:

  • Research & Advisory Subscriptions: If you’re looking for a multi-pronged approach to sustaining a customer-centric culture, a Corporate Subscription can help. First, you can use this subscription as an advice and innovation tool since it includes all our research into emerging best practices and all our benchmark data. It also includes a strategy session where our experts help you identify which areas could most benefit from CX improvements. And we make sure you stay on track, as well as provide feedback on areas of innovation, by offering ongoing inquiries you can tap into along your journey.
  • Consulting: We will identify areas where you can accelerate your CX results during interactive design sessions.
  • Speeches: Temkin Group can reinforce the value of being a customer-centric organization by delivering compelling speeches at events such as leadership offsites or all-company meetings.
  • In-Person Workshops: To help you identify which business areas are ripe for CX innovation, we can run workshops for groups of employees across the organization.
  • Public Workshops: We hold multiple public workshops that your new CX team members and CX ambassadors can attend to build their customer experience skills. For example, at the Driving CX Transformation workshop they will develop a strong understanding of what CX is and how to drive change, while at the Mapping And Improving Your Customers’ Journey they will master the critical skill of customer journey mapping. You may also consider sending your CX and human resources teams to our Engaging Employees in a Customer-Centric Culture workshop to teach them how to innovate in this critical area.
  • CX Institute Online Training: To help instill the mindset that customer experience is everyone’s business and motivate employees to participate in driving CX change, deploy this training to all employees as part of your on-boarding process.

CX Competencies and Organization

Here is what a typical company looks like at this stage of CX maturity:

Temkin Group's Customer Experience (CX) Competency & Maturity Assessment To identify your organization’s stage of CX maturity and to evaluate your performance across all four CX core competencies, complete Temkin Group’s CX Competency and Maturity Assessment.