Resources for CX Maturity Level 1: IGNORE

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First Stage of Customer Experience Maturity: IGNORE Not every company truly understands the importance of CX. In this first stage of maturity, companies do not view CX as a crucial differentiator.

Key Activities In This Stage:

  • Deepen your understanding of CX.
  • Increase senior leaders’ awareness of CX by sharing easily digestible information that explains how customer experience leads to organizational success.

Relevant Content:

Relevant Temkin Group Services:

  • Research & Advisory Subscriptions: Having Individual Subscriptions for one or two people in your organization will help you to advance your CX efforts by providing access to best practices you can adopt and share across your organization and ROI data you can use to benchmark your efforts.
  • Public Workshops: Attend our Driving CX Transformation workshop to deepen your understanding of CX.
  • CX Institute Online Training: Have a few people take the individual training to build up their CX knowledge.

CX Competencies and Organization

Here is what a typical company looks like at this stage of CX maturity:

Temkin Group's Customer Experience (CX) Competency & Maturity Assessment To identify your organization’s stage of CX maturity and to evaluate your performance across all four CX core competencies, complete Temkin Group’s CX Competency and Maturity Assessment.