Resources for CX Maturity Level 2: EXPLORE

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As executives become more enamored with the idea of CX, they start to investigate how CX can work for them. This second stage of maturity usually begins with the company establishing an ad-hoc group who is tasked with developing a better understanding what the organization needs to focus on to improve its CX.

Key Activities In This Stage:

  • Identify specific opportunities where CX can most help your organization.
  • Build a business case around the ROI of CX.
  • Expand senior leaders’ understanding of CX.
  • Examine how other companies have implemented their CX program.
  • Draft a multi-year CX roadmap.
  • Estimate the resources and staffing required to deliver on the CX roadmap.
  • Identify internal CX champions to lend support to a more structured approach.

Relevant Content:

Relevant Temkin Group Services:

  • Research & Advisory Subscriptions: Having Individual Subscriptions for the few people who are focusing on CX will help advance your CX efforts by providing them with access to best practices and ROI data.
  • Consulting: Temkin Group can lead executive sessions that teach leaders about the value of CX and help align the organizations’ CX efforts. We can also hold strategy sessions where we advise you on how best to frame your CX opportunities. You may also want to consider a package consisting of multiple strategy sessions where we can help you put together a draft of your plans and your case for action.
  • Speeches: Temkin Group can deliver compelling speeches about the power of CX at events like leadership meetings or offsites.
  • Public Workshops: Attend the Driving CX Transformation workshop to gain a deeper understanding of what CX is and how you can drive change across your organization.
  • CX Institute Online Training: Have a few people take the individual training to deepen their CX knowledge.

CX Competencies and Organization

Here is what a typical company looks like at this stage of CX maturity:

Temkin Group's Customer Experience (CX) Competency & Maturity Assessment To identify your organization’s stage of CX maturity and to evaluate your performance across all four CX core competencies, complete Temkin Group’s CX Competency and Maturity Assessment.