Purposeful Leadership Overview

Temkin Group has found that the only path to sustainable customer experience differentiation is to build a customer-centric culture. How? By mastering Four Customer Experience Core Competencies.

This page provides an overview of one of those competencies, Purposeful Leadership. To master this competency, leaders must act consistently with a clear, well-articulated set of values.

To keep the entire company moving in tandem, an organization must articulate and commit to a clear purpose – one that aligns all employees’ day-to-day decisions and is more compelling than simply increased profits. And as leaders are ultimately responsible for ensuring that an organization behaves as a cohesive unit, they must demonstrate Temkin Group’s Five P’s of Purposeful Leadership:

Purposeful Leadership: One of the FOur Customer Experience (CX) Core Competencies (infographic)

  • Passionate. Leaders who aren’t energized by the company’s future can’t expect their employees, partners, or customers to be passionate about helping them get there.
  • Persuasive. Purposeful leaders don’t just bark orders about what things need to be done and how they expect people to do them. Instead they take the time to make sure that everyone understands why the organization needs to do something.
  • Positive. Temkin Group research found that employees who regularly receive positive feedback from their boss are three times more likely than other employees to do something unexpectedly good for the company and are three times more likely to make a recommendation for an improvement.
  • Propelling. In a large organization, a leader’s actions make up only a tiny fraction of the total number of actions taken across the company. As leaders individually represent such a small percentage of the organization’s overall activity, whether they succeed or fail is not determined by what they personally do, but by how effectively they influence the actions of other people.
  • Persistent. A leader’s words are only meaningful if they align with his or her actions. If a leader says that something is important, but then behaves in a way that contradicts that statement, the organization will stop believing that what that leader says matters really does matter.

Purposeful Leadership Content

Here is some additional content about Purposeful Leadership:

Here is some additional content about Purposeful Leadership: