Humanize CX: Putting People First

Temkin Group has labeled 2018, “The Year of Humanity.” 

With all of the discord and tension throughout the world, it seems like a good time for all of us to refocus on what’s most important, our collective humanity. Our goal is to promote the following mindset:

  • Embrace diversity. Recognize our differences and find ways to treat people as individuals.
  • Extend compassion. Tune into the condition of the people around us and care about their well-being.
  • Express appreciation. Proactively look for and acknowledge the positive aspects of the world around us.

What Can We Do? Humanize CX!

In order to translate the push for humanity across the CX community, Temkin Group created the concept, Humanize CX, which we define as:

Thinking about people first in every activity and endeavor

It can be enticing to look at an organization’s efforts through the lens of its technologies or processes, but those are just conduits to the ultimate objective: people. Since organizational success is driven by engaged employees and loyal customers, it’s important to focus on the underlying needs and behaviors of these human beings.

In order to Humanize CX, companies should adopt three principles:

  1. Act with Purpose. Although human beings respond to external stimuli like bonuses and coupons, they are truly motivated by the desire to find meaning in their lives. So we need to enlist people’s commitment and loyalty by sharing the purpose of our efforts, and understanding the purpose that motivates other people.
  2. Cultivate Deep Empathy. Dynamics within organizations tend to reinforce an internal and myopic perspective. So we need to break the status quo by proactively uncovering and satisfying the needs of other people.
  3. Create Positive Memories. What human beings experience is not what drives loyalty. It’s what they remember about those experiences that drives their loyalty. So we need to focus our energies on the moments that have the most memorable impact.

Insights to Humanize CX

Temkin Group started the “Humanize CX” effort in order to help individuals expand both their understanding of and their focus on how to propel humanity in their efforts. To this end, we will be researching, publishing, and speaking on the topic throughout this year. Here are some of our recent content:

Pledge to Humanize CX

We also want you (the readers of this blog) to participate in making 2018 a breakthrough year for propelling humanity.

Pledge to Humanize Customer ExperienceWe hope that individuals will pledge to humanize CX within their organizations and within their lives. To take the pledge, simply write, “I pledge to humanize CX,” in the comment box below and proudly display this badge wherever you like.

We hope that you will also use the comment box below to share how you’ve been able to propel humanity in your personal and/or professional life.

Also, get the word out on twitter with the hashtag #HumanizeCX


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