CX Data Snippets For Presentations

Need some good data for a presentation? Then help yourself to some data snippets from Temkin Group’s research.

We’ve dissected our infographics into pieces so that you can use Temkin Group data in your presentations and also added some miscellaneous data graphics. Feel free to incorporate any of these graphics for internal presentations, as long as they retain the copyright notice. For any external or marketing usage, please refer to Temkin Group’s citation policy.

To insert one of these graphics into your presentation, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the chart that you want to use to open up the larger file.
  2. Right click on the larger image and copy and paste it into your presentation or right click on the image and save the image to your hard drive.
  3. Paste or insert the image into your presentation.

We’ll keep adding to the library, so keep checking!

Miscellaneous Data Graphics


15 CX Factoids: Customer Experience Efforts & ROI (January 2018)

The Ultimate The Ultimate CX Infographic, 2017 (October 2017)

6 Levers For Executive Commitment to CX (September 2017)

The Power of Customer Journey Thinking (August 2017)

The Human Conversational Model (July 2017)

The Four CX Core Competencies (June 2017)

The State of Voice of the Customer (December 2016)


The Rise of Mobile CX (November 2016)

1611_mobilecx_companiesmustshifttomobilefirst1611_mobilecx_mobileonlieusageisgrowing1611_mobilecx_mobilebecomingpreferredchannel 1611_mobilecx_mobilecxmustaccomodatethefivecs 1611_mobilecx_companiesdelivermediocremobileexperiences

Ultimate Customer Experience Infographic (October 2016)

1610ultimate_cxcorrelatestoloyalty 1610ultimate_pooremotionalcxhurtsloyalty1610ultimate_criticaltorecover 1610ultimate_medocreratings 1610ultimate_emotionneglected 1610ultimate_master4competencies 1610ultimate_cxremainsimmature

Employee Engagement Primer (September 2016)

1609ee_eevirtuouscycle 1609ee_engagedemployeesarevaluableassets 1609ee_cxleadershavemoreengagedemployees 1609ee_teei 1609ee_fewemployeesarehighlyengaged 1609ee_companieshaveroomforimprovement 1609ee_fiveis 1609ee_hrismoreinvolved

CX Metrics: Immature, But Improving (April 2016)

1601cxmetrics_issuesfacingcxmetrics 1601cxmetrics_noncustomersblindspot 1601cxmetrics_metricpopularity1601cxmetrics_cxmetricsmaturity1601cxmetrics_lowmetricsmaturity 1601cxmetrics_metricsimportantforcxsuccess

Customer Experience: The Path From Fluff to Tough (February 2016)

1512flufftough_jumpchasm1512flufftough_cxmaturity 1512flufftough_differences 1512flufftough_blueprintcompetencies