The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies

Learn About The Four CX Core Competencies

The customer experience an organization delivers is a reflection of its culture and operating processes. So while any company can improve portions of its experience, to deliver and sustain great CX, an organization must commit to deep institutional changes. Temkin Group has studied hundreds of companies to uncover the difference between the operations of CX leaders and those of their less successful peers.

Through this research, we identified four competencies that companies must master to build and sustain CX differentiation: Purposeful Leadership, Compelling Brand Values, Employee Engagement, and Customer Connectedness.

Companies tend to make decisions based on many small, isolated factors – such as individuals’ objectives, department-specific metrics, and particular executives’ agendas – rather than on an overarching, cohesive vision of the organization. To keep the entire company moving in tandem, an organization must articulate and commit to a clear purpose – one that aligns all employees’ day-to-day decisions and is more compelling than simply increased profits.
Brands are more than just marketing campaigns. A successful brand emphasizes the mission of the company and aligns employees and customers around a common purpose. The brand is what employees and leaders truly believe their company stands for. A company creates compelling brand values by making, embracing, and keeping its customer promises.
Engaged employees are some of a company's most valuable assets as they trigger a "virtuous cycle," which drives good customer experience and superior business results. Our research shows that, compared to their disengaged peers, engaged employees try harder, are more likely to do something good for the company (even if it is not expected of them), and freely offer their services to help others.
Most companies make decisions with woefully little customer insight. Instead, people often rely on their "gut feelings" or outdated anecdotes about customer needs, desires, and feedback. But any meaningful improvements to customer experience require companies to embed deep customer insights into every aspect of their operations.

Evaluate Your CX Competencies

Want to understand how well your organization is performing across these four competencies? Complete Temkin Group’s 20-question CX Competency and Maturity Assessment.

Organizations don’t become customer-centric overnight. This assessment will also show where your organization is on a journey through the six stages of customer experience maturity: 1) Ignore, 2) Explore, 3) Mobilize, 4) Operationalize, 5) Align, and 6) Embed.

Four CX Competencies Content

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  • Lessons in CX Excellence, 2018. This report provides insights from the six winners of Temkin Group’s 2017 CX Excellence Awards and shares details about their efforts across the four competencies.

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