Compelling Brand Values Overview

Temkin Group has found that the only path to sustainable customer experience differentiation is to build a customer-centric culture. How? By mastering Four Customer Experience Core Competencies.

This page provides an overview of one of those competencies, Compelling Brand Values. To master this competency, you must deliver on your brand promises to customers.

A successful brand emphasizes the mission of the company and aligns employees and customers around a common purpose. The brand is what employees and leaders truly believe their company stands for. A company creates compelling brand values through its customer promises.

Compelling Brand Values: One of the Four Customer Experience (CX) Core Competencies (Infographic)

How do you construct and carry out these promises? By following these three essential steps:

  1. Make promises. Brands need to communicate their values to customers and employees by explicitly making a set promises to customers that they are fully committed to keeping.
  2. Embrace promises. If employees across the company are going to fully embrace brand promises, they first need to understand what they mean and recognize their own role in fulfilling them.
  3. Keep promises. Simply understanding the promises made to customers is not enough; an organization must hold itself accountable for living up to those promises during every single customer interaction.

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