Goodbye Temkin Group Website…

Well, it has finally happened. After being acquired by Qualtrics this past October, we have decommissioned the Temkin Group website. And yes, I have mixed feelings. To quote a line from Winnie-the-Pooh…

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

It’s hard to say goodbye to a site and a brand that we built and nurtured since May 2010. Over the last eight years, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with the greatest team and to support the most wonderful clients anyone could ever ask for.

Temkin Group’s success was built totally on word of mouth. We never had anyone on our team with any sales responsibilities or sales goals, and we never made any outbound calls to sell our services. Here’s another interesting factoid: over the entire lifetime of our company, we never had to write off any revenue as uncollectible. Every one of our clients paid all of their invoices.

We enjoyed each and every day with Temkin Group… thank you!

And for the sake of posterity, I’ve captured a final image of the homepage.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.30.48 PM

On the other hand, I’m absolutely thrilled.

The decision to join Qualtrics looks even better today than it did when we originally made it. The SAP acquisition of Qualtrics was certainly a curveball, but we’re even more excited about the future of Experience Management (“XM”) and the role that our team and the Qualtrics XM Institute we are creating will play in bringing it to life.

In addition, this was also a big win for the followers of our content.¬†We are now offering almost all of Temkin Group’s recent reports FOR FREE on the Qualtrics XM Institute page. That’s very cool!

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 4.33.23 PM

I invite you to continue to follow our team’s journey; not as Temkin Group, but as the Qualtrics XM Institute.

The bottom line: Goodbye Temkin Group. Hello Qualtrics XM Institute!

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I'm an experience (XM) management catalyst; helping organizations improve results by engaging the hearts and minds of their employees, customers, and partners. I enjoy researching and speaking about leading-edge XM topics. I lead the Qualtrics XM Institute, which is the world's best job. We're igniting a global community of XM Professionals who are inspired and empowered to radically improve the human experience. To achieve this goal, my team focuses on thought leadership, training, and community building. My work is driven by a set of fundamental beliefs: 1) Everything starts and ends with human beings, so you need to understand how people think, feel, and behave; 2) XM is a discipline that needs to be woven throughout an organization's entire operating fabric; and 3) Building the XM discipline requires a combination of culture, competency, and technology.

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