Propelling Experience Design (Infographic)

In the report Propelling Experience Design Across An Organization, we examine how companies can best use a very important skill, experience design. This infographic provides an overview.

Here are links to download different versions of the infographic:

Here are some of the reports with data included in the infographic:

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I am an experience management transformist, helping organizations improve business results by engaging the hearts and minds of their customers, employees, and partners. My "job" is Head of the Qualtrics XM Institute. The Institute is still being established, but our goal is to help organizations around the world thrive by mastering Experience Management (XM). As part of this focus, I examine strategy, culture, interaction design, customer service, branding and leadership practices. And, as many people know, I love to speak about these topics in almost any forum. Prior to joining Qualtrics, I was managing partner of Temkin Group (leading CX research, advisory, and training firm), co-founder and chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (, and a VP at Forrester Research. I'm a fanatical student of business, so this blog provides an outlet for sharing insights from my ongoing educational journey. Check out my LinkedIn profile:

2 thoughts on “Propelling Experience Design (Infographic)”

  1. Beautiful info graphic! The companies self evaluation of their own capabilities (mediocre) is a bit higher than what we’ve seen in the past. I have a question about the first part: Customers are Emotionally Disengaged. The results are measured from Very Good to Very Poor. Shouldn’t that read Customers are Emotionally Engaged, then have a scale from Very true to Very false? Cheers!

    1. Alexander, thanks for your feedback on the infographic. The line “Customers are Emotionally Disengaged” is the section title that captures the essence of the data in that section. The underlying data represents the results of companies in our Temkin Emotion Ratings, from very good to very poor.

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