2018 Temkin Effort Ratings: Wegmans Earns Top Spot

Effort is one of the three components of a customer’s experience (along with success and emotion), so it’s a fundamental element for companies to track. In this post, I examine the eight annual Temkin Effort Ratings for U.S. companies. It’s one of the components of the overall Temkin Experience Ratings, the open standard CX metric.

Temkin Experience Ratings: The Open Source Customer Experience (CX) Metric

In January 2018, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about their experiences with companies. We used that feedback to calculate the Temkin Effort Ratings for 318 companies across 20 industries (see full list of companies).

***Detailed data is included in the overall Temkin Experience Ratings dataset***

Here are some highlights of the ratings:

  • Wegmans earned the top spot with a score of 90%, followed closely by Subway, Citizens Bank, Ace Hardware, and Wawa Food Markets at 89%.
  • Spirit Airlines earned the lowest ratings, 43%), just slightly behind Medicaid (45%), and CarMax (46%).
  • On average, supermarkets, fast food chains, and retailers earned “excellent” Temkin Effort Ratings. Health plans and TV/Internet service providers earned “poor” scores.
  • Ten companies earned ratings that are 10 or more points above their industry averages: Dish Network, USAA, Southern California Gas Company, TriCare, Whirlpool, Citizens, National Car Rental, Florida Power & Light, Georgia Power, and Southwest Airlines.
  • Seven companies earned ratings that are 15 or more points below their industry averages: Spirit Airlines, HSBC, CarMax, Fujitsu, Hitachi, DHL, and Days Inn.
  • We compared Temkin Effort Ratings between 2017 and 2018 and found that three companies increased by more than 10 points: MetroPCS, Avis, and Showtime. Five companies declined by 12 points or more: HSBC, CarMax, BMW, Fujitsu, and Dollar Car Rental.
  • At an industry level, banks and streaming media improved the most over the previous year, while  auto dealers and utilities declined the most.

2018 Temkin Effort Ratings- Leaders and Laggards

Temkin Effort Ratingstemkin effort ratings methodology

Purchase Temkin Experience Ratings dataset (includes Temkin Effort Ratings)You can access this data as part the overall Temkin Experience Ratings dataset

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