Winners: 2018 CX Vendor Excellence Awards

Temkin Group's 2018 Customer Experience (CX) Vendor Excellence Award WinnersCongratulations!

Temkin Group announces the winners of its 2018 Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Awards:

Clicktale, Medallia, Qualtrics, Rant & Rave, Waypoint Group

Vendors were evaluated based on their nomination forms that included five sections: 1) company overview, 2) “make the case” for their nomination, 3) three detailed case studies, 4) future direction, and 5) three or more customer references.

Below we share the first two sections of the winners’ submissions (which have only been slightly edited, but not validated by Temkin Group).



Clicktale is a leading provider of ‘Experience Analytics’ software. Unlike other analytics platforms, Clicktale’s Experience Cloud helps improve customer experiences and inform brands though both data collection and human psychology. Developed by data analysis experts, CX professionals and behavioral psychologists, Clicktale’s platform provides a completely unique approach to understanding the customer journey online.

At the heart of this understanding is an ability to analyze customers’ “digital body language”. Using a combination of mouse movements, heatmaps, click tracking and session recordings, Clicktale allows brands to understand the psychology of their site visitors, ultimately using this data to improve the customer experience.

Make The Case:

Where other CX products and platforms focus exclusively on quantitative data, Clicktale goes much further in understanding the psychology behind customer experiences, helping the world’s leading brands to understand their customers as people, rather than just as numbers on a spreadsheet. Rather than relying on surveys or customer testimonials – which suffer from numerous testing biases, Clicktale relies on real world data and an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology.

When Clicktale is installed on a brand’s site, every interaction can be captured, by the millisecond, across every device.

The platform combines cognitive and behavioral science, neural network algorithms and machine learning technology. These tools collect a vast dataset of micro-gestures and behaviors, including swipes, scrolls, pitches, zooms, clicks and mouse-paths, all of which provide an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviors. Clicktale then outputs these insights in the form of heatmaps and click-paths, allowing brands to see which areas of their apps and sites are leading to confusion, frustration and disorientation. These areas can then be redesigned to maximum the customer experience.

In addition to heatmaps and mouse-tracking technology, Clicktale also incorporate session replays – a complete recording of the visitor’s journey throughout a site. When managing a complaint, these replays prove vital in allowing customer service teams to relive the negative experiences of their customers. By seeing this experience first-hand, brands can examine exactly what is going wrong and can guarantee that it will be fixed ready for the customer’s next interaction.



Medallia helps companies deliver better customer experiences by creating create close connections between employees and their customers. Our Medallia Experience Cloud platform enables companies to capture customer feedback everywhere the customer is (including digital, social, physical, and contact center channels), understand it in real time, and deliver action-oriented insights everywhere in the business—from the C-suite to the frontline.

By improving CX, Medallia customers can better differentiate and drive business impact such as higher margins, better retention rates, decreased employee churn, and lower operating costs. Medallia is trusted by hundreds of the world’s leading brands across multiple industries.

Make The Case:

Medallia’s core differentiation lies in our ability to…

Understand the entire customer journey:
Medallia Experience Cloud serves as a single source of truth for everything our clients know about their customers’ experience. That requires best-in-class survey modes covering every customer touchpoint (e.g. physical locations, contact centers, web, mobile, in-app, SMS/Messaging, and more, as well as advanced survey sampling and quota management capabilities to ensure that customers are surveyed in the right mode at the right time in their journey. Further, we include other non-feedback data sources in the same view to complete the picture – sources such as social reviews, observed feedback (e.g. seeing that a customer needed to restart their device), and employee ideas provide critical CX insights without requiring additional surveys.

Activate employees across the business: 
Tens of thousands of employees at industry leaders like PayPal, Mercedes-Benz USA, Four Seasons, and Marriott log into Medallia Experience Cloud daily. These users see feedback that is real time and jurisdictionally appropriate, with tailored reporting designed to make the data actionable for their role. Our desktop application, two mobile applications, and integrations with systems like SFDC ensure that employees see customer feedback wherever it fits seamlessly into their existing workday and workflows.

Getting employees widely engaged with data on the full customer journey is transformational. It breaks silos, puts the customer at the center of decision-making, creates more accountable, empowered and engaged employees, and ultimately drives business results. In short, it is how companies can win through CX.



Qualtrics is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company and the leader in experience management. More than 8,500 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 U.S. business schools, rely on Qualtrics. Our solutions make it easy to measure, prioritize, and optimize the experiences organizations provide across the four foundations of business: customer, product, employee and brand experiences.

Make The Case:

Since introducing the Qualtrics XM Platform™, Qualtrics has been adopted to unlock human-factor databeliefs, emotions, and sentiments that explain “why” things are happening. The Qualtrics predictive intelligence layer allows users to respond to the experiences they have delivered in the past and predict how changes will influence customer satisfaction in the future.

Differentiating tools for consideration are Qualtrics iQ, which democratize the ability to gather incredible insights for anyone, regardless of training or level of technical expertise. Components include:

  • Text iQ: Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze open text feedback and surface trends in data. It automatically groups responses by suggesting relevant or related topics and assigns sentiment scores to individual text comments (positive, negative, neutral or mixed).
  • Driver iQ: Statistically identifies ‘key experience drivers’ and prioritizes these variables so organizations know where to focus efforts for biggest impact. Driver iQ provides real-time filtering so every individual in the organization knows where the biggest improvement opportunities are specific to their domains.
  • Stats iQ: Makes advanced statistical analysis accessible for average users with automated and instant data analysis. Stats iQ chooses the appropriate statistical analyses for data, then translates the results into plain English.

Qualtrics iQ hunts down experience gaps automatically, predicting what customers want and helping organizations find and address issues before they have negative impact. Machine learning helps automate tasks that were previously time consuming or impossible to scale, like analyzing open text feedback or finding key drivers buried in data.

Rant & Rave


Rant & Rave provides customer engagement solutions with a difference. Created with the belief that fundamentally brands and consumers want the same thing – to deliver and receive great service – half of the FTSE rely on the Rant & Rave Platform to proactively communicate with and gather fast feedback from their customers. By reducing customer effort and taking real-time inspired action, brands are able to transform Ranters into Ravers and happy customers into engaged Ravers – lifelong advocates.

Make The Case:

It’s our mission to shake up the CX industry and provide clients with a disruptive customer engagement model. Whilst most VoC vendors stick to traditional lengthy surveys, innovation is at our core. The Rant & Rave Platform provides real-time, actionable feedback in consumer’s own words, and our latest developments continue this forward-thinking ethos.

Our Listening Post innovation brings the power of AI to VoC, enabling consumers to reach out to brands and share feedback through Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Picture Messaging. Intelligent facial recognition technology analyses the images and provides a contextually relevant response to consumers, starting a sentiment-driven dialogue.

We believe great CX starts at home, so we’re bringing employees into the VoC sphere. Expanding on our Frontline Engagement solution, which presents customer feedback to staff on a gamified dashboard, we’ve now introduced a Voice of Employee solution. Evidence shows the direct correlation between eNPS and customer satisfaction, so we’ve applied our “one score, one comment” approach to employees too. Brands can capture employee emotion in real-time, drive immediate action, and close-the-loop with colleagues on how feedback is driving change.

Still not convinced?

  • We’re the only UK VoC provider to offer a unified Platform proposition, enabling brands to capture real-time feedback and close the loop at scale with proactive communication.
  • We guarantee to help clients save more customers than anyone else. How? By focusing on customer emotion over company survey, addressing the ‘silent shopper’ through always-on feedback channels, proactively communicating and closing-the-loop with customers and empowering employees.

Waypoint Group


Waypoint Group provides TopBox, a SaaS-based Customer Insight and Action platform. TopBox helps B2B companies strengthen and optimize their complex set of customer relationships, consisting of multiple contacts within a variety of different account segments and experiences (e.g. high-touch / low-touch / tech-touch). Through elegant analytics, unique role-based visualizations, clear workflow management, and smart Salesforce integration, TopBox enables front-line account teams and company leadership to drive the right actions that improve customer experiences and success for retention and expansion. As one example, the B2B SaaS firm Humanity was able to save 46 accounts from churning in just 3 months.

Make The Case:

TopBox connects customer feedback with operational and financial data via powerful, turnkey visualizations that drive action. Example 1: Since there really is no “customer” in B2B environments – rather, a set of contacts that collectively make purchase decisions – TopBox provides account-level insights for account teams, while also appropriately aggregating data across accounts. In this example each circle is a customer account:

1. Y-axis = Relationship depth: engaging the right contacts in the account is key. TopBox shows how well we know the decision makers, influencers, key users, and other persona for which the account team should have a relationship. 2. X-Axis = engagement level from those contacts 3. Circle Size = account value 4. Color = account sentiment

Many insights are evident in this example:

1. Circle 1 = account has a deep footprint from engaged contacts that are happy. Yet this account is relatively small: Is there an expansion opportunity here? 2. Circle 2 = high-value account with a low footprint and low engagement. Plus, the contacts there are unhappy. Listen to those people to turn the account green and prevent them from disengaging!  3. Circle 3 = a totally disengaged, high-value account. Uh-oh… are they about to churn? Perhaps an executive sponsor should reach out. Example 2: Click a circle above to see the Account “X-Ray” where an account team can understand the experiences and drivers of the account’s sentiment:

TopBox also provides unique visualizations for root-cause analysis across key customer segments, oversight reporting for action management, and more.

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