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On May 15th, I’ll be speaking at Medallia’s Experience 2018 in Long Beach, CA. The content at the event is arranged into four themes: Demonstrating CX Impact, Evolving CX Programs, Driving Culture & Accountability, and Inspiring CX Innovation. These are great topics and I’m looking forward to hearing what the other speakers will be sharing.

Here’s the description of my speech, which is in the innovation track:

The Future of CX: Humanistic, Prescriptive, and Responsive
Our research continues to show a strong connection between customer experience (CX) and business success. Yet, only 4% of companies have achieved Temkin Group’s highest level of CX maturity. That leaves enormous room for improvement. To capture this opportunity, however, companies will need to adapt their efforts to changes in business practices, technologies, and human behaviors. During this session, industry visionary Bruce Temkin will identify three areas that will shape future CX efforts: (1) Humanistic (experiences that tap into human emotions and behaviors), (2) Prescriptive (analytics and interfaces that deliver situation-specific insights), and (3) Responsive (organizations enabled to respond faster to customer insights).

I’m excited about the speech, as it will be the first time that I talk about the future of CX through the lens of being humanistic, prescriptive, and responsive. As I look ahead, CX practitioners will need to broaden their perspectives and be prepared to drive change more deeply across their organizations.

I’m only giving one speech, so there’s a lot of content across the themes that I won’t be able to share at the event. So here are some of my thoughts across all four areas:

  • Demonstrating CX Impact: CX should never be something that an organization focuses on just because it’s “nice to do.” Without a more substantial connection to the success of the business, CX efforts will always be on the verge of being cut. In our annual State of CX Management report, companies consistently identified “other competing priorities” as the top obstacle o CX success. So we need to make sure that we are connecting our work to the brand and business objective of our organizations. Take a look at the ROI of CX content on this blog.
  • Evolving CX Programs: This theme at the event is focused on customer insights and VoC programs. I addressed this topic in in a recent blog post, The Future of VoC: Insight & Action, Not Feedback. Also, check out the report Renovating Your Voice of the Customer Program, where we discuss six trends: 1) Deep Empathy, Not Stacks of Metrics; 2) Continuous Insights, Not Periodic Studies; 3) Customer Journeys, Not Isolated Interactions; 4) Useful Prescriptions, Not Past Descriptions; 5) Enterprise Intelligence, Not Customer Feedback; and 6) Mobile First, Not Mobile Responsive.
  • Driving Culture & Accountability: One of things that I always say is that the customer experience you deliver is a reflection of your culture and operating processes. In other words, what customers see externally is a reflection of who you are internally. Take a look at out infographic, Guide to Organizational Culture Change. To build a customer-centric culture, companies must master four competencies: Purposeful Leadership, Compelling Brand Values, Employee Engagement, and Customer Connectedness. Complete our free CX Competency & Maturity Assessment to identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Inspiring CX Innovation: It’s always great to hear about the many areas where CX professionals are driving innovation. During my speech, I’ll discuss the need for innovation in the areas of humanistic, prescriptive, and responsive. Drop me a line if you’re doing anything innovative that you want to share, and maybe I can include it in my speech.

I hope you can join my session at Experience 2018!

Note: To be fully transparent, Medallia sponsored this post (although they did not have any input on the content).

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