2017 Temkin Group CX Excellence Award Winners

Winners of Temkin Group Customer Experience Excellence Awards

I’m thrilled to announce (and congratulate) the winners of Temkin Group’s sixth annual Customer Experience Excellence Awards:

  • AARP – formally established its AARP Experience (AARPx) team in 2016 with the mission to work across the enterprise to create a seamless, personalized experience for members that is supported by a customer-centric culture. One of the team’s strategic objectives this year was to make sure that CX is considered in decisions made across the company, and to that end it developed empathy programs, widely shared customer insights both horizontally and vertically, and established Enterprise and business unit metrics that incentivize an outside-in perspective. One of AARPx’s first projects, known as “Loved Ones of Deceased Members,” has tangibly improved the experience of closing the account of a deceased member through efforts such as building FAQs, improving search terminology, making the process faster, and sending condolence cards – all of which has resulted in an outpouring of appreciative feedback and a 50% reduction in repeat calls on this topic.
  • Allianz Worldwide Partners – an insurance company best known for its travel insurance products – recently began mapping and reviewing its customer journey in an effort to improve its processes and minimize customer pain points. Allianz’s VoC program is at the heart of these efforts, combining data from customer service call monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys, and social media platforms to deliver actionable insights about customer preferences and problems across the entire organization. Allianz then uses this real-time data to identify opportunities to make its products more useful and valuable to customers, such as adding coverage for existing medical conditions or coverage for people who have to cancel their plans due to work obligations.
  • Century Support Services – a large debt settlement firm – has a simple mission, “We do what we do to improve people’s financial lives,” and to achieve this mission, it leverages technology within three key drivers: Lifecycle marketing, customer advocacy, and customer metrics. “Lifecycle marketing” uses marketing automation technology to keep customers informed and involved in the process as Century settles their debt, while “customer advocacy” empowers employees to do whatever it takes to satisfy its clients. CX metrics, meanwhile, are tracked as part of Century’s management and board-level reporting and include tools like predictive analytics and AI to predict negative experiences and proactively work to resolve them.
  • Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is a private-duty home care provider that aims to deliver a unique, happier aging experience by helping clients get back to doing the things they love. Nurse Next Door is founded on four core values – admire people, WOW customer experience, find a better way, and passionate about making a difference – and it delivers on these values by developing a tailored care package around each individual customer’s needs, desires, and personality. To ensure it lives up to these values, Nurse Next Door deploys a “Listen 360 – NPS survey” and has instituted a mostly flat organizational structure that gives team members more direct control and empowerment in their jobs.
  • Reliant’s CX program recently evolved from a dedicated customer experience department to a hub-and-spoke structure that relies on 15 subject matter experts, or “fanatics,” to drive their team or department’s CX efforts. A fanatic is an influential and passionate member of a specific team who is trained on customer experience, the expectations of their role, and Reliant’s customer insights platform. Each fanatic is responsible for reviewing metrics and insights to identify improvement opportunities and then either personally driving these improvements or delegating the task to a team member. Fanatics attend monthly meetings where they discuss the status of their projects, and they present their efforts at executive level board meetings dedicated to CX.
  • Sage has made “Customer Obsession – Starts with Me” its goal for 2018. To help employees across the organization understand and fully commit to its organizational CX goals, Sage has developed a few employee engagement programs, including “Sage Listens,” which offers employees a variety of ways to connect with customers through an online self-service portal, “Sage Magic Moments,” which allows employees to send small personalized gifts and notes to inspiring customers, and “Customer Success Safari,” which highlights ways employees can participate in CX initiatives. Sage has also recently launched “Sage Ideas” – a portal where customers can submit their ideas for improvements directly to developers and can vote on ideas submitted by other customers.

Organizations were evaluated by five industry experts based on three criteria: 1) customer experience transformation efforts, 2) business and customer results, and 3) sustainability.

Last year’s winners wereBusiness Development Bank of Canada, Century Support Services, Crowe Horwath, Oxford Properties, and VCA.

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