Report: Five Steps For Building A Strong CX Metrics Program

Five steps for building a customer experience metrics programWe published a Temkin Group report, Five Steps For Building A Strong CX Metrics Program.

A robust customer experience (CX) metrics program allows an organization to systematically measure the quality of the experience it delivers to customers and provides insights that help companies spot improvement opportunities, prioritize investments, track CX progress, and unify the organization around a common goal. Despite these benefits, few organizations have actually built a strong metrics program. In this report, we provide a blueprint that organizations can follow to create an actionable CX metrics program. Here are some highlights:

  • Temkin Group has identified five steps an organization must go through to create a strong CX metrics program: 1) Determine a Core CX Metric, 2) Set Achievable Goals, 3) Identify Key Drivers, 4) Establish Key Driver Metrics, and 5) Make the Suite of Metrics Actionable.
  • To illustrate what these steps should look like, we share nearly 30 best practices from companies including Brainshark, Caesars Entertainment, Ciena, Cisco, Horizon BCBSNJ, Oxford Properties, and Wyndham Worldwide.
  • We provide an assessment companies can use to both evaluate the effectiveness of their CX metrics program and identify where to focus improvement efforts.

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Here are the best practices highlighted in the report:

Examples of 5 Steps for An Actionable CX Metrics Program

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Report Outline:

  • Customer Experience Metrics Need a Makeover
  • The Essence of a Strong CX Metrics Program
  • Five Steps for Creating a Strong CX Metrics Program
    • Step #1: Determine a Core CX Metric
    • Step #2: Set Achievable Goals
    • Step #3: Identify Key Drivers
    • Step #4: Establish Key Driver Metrics
    • Step #5: Make the Suite of Metrics Actionable
  • Assess Your CX Metrics Program


Figures in the Report:

  1. Problems With CX Metrics Programs
  2. Effectiveness of Component of CX Metrics Programs
  3. Best Practices Across Consistent, Impactful, Integrated, & Continuous
  4. Best Practices Across the Five Steps
  5. How to Craft a Strong Core CX Metric
  6. Use of CX Metrics (2014 to 2016)
  7. Ciena’s Approach to Identifying a Core CX Metric
  8. Tools for Identifying Key Drivers
  9. Examples of Company’s Suites of Metrics
  10. Types of Key Driver Metrics
  11. Ciena’s Inside-out/Outside-In CX Scorecard
  12. Example of Oxford Properties Cascading CX Metrics
  13. Dashboard Metrics: Create Operational Metrics
  14. Tailoring Metrics By Audience: Wyndham Worldwide
  15. Tying Compensation to CX Metrics
  16. Examples of Companies’ Compensation Programs
  17. Temkin Group’s CX Metrics Program Assessment

Download report for $195

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