The Power of Customer Journey Mapping (Video)

Customer journey mapping is a valuable tool for customer experience, but Customer Journey Thinking can change your culture. Watch this short Temkin Group video to find out more…

The bottom line: Your customers are on a journey, help them

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Julie and Ryan are senior directors from a large insurance company. They recently attended a Temkin Group workshop on customer journey mapping and were excited to share what they had learned with their leadership team.

Julie told the executives that customer journey mapping is a great tool for understanding how customers view their interactions with the company. Julie emphasized this point by saying that “customers don’t actually wake up in the morning hoping to interact with their insurer, although we often act like our company is the center of their lives.” The CEO nodded in agreement.

Ryan described how customer journey mapping can also help to break through organizational silos. By providing a common, holistic picture from the customer’s point of view, employees will more quickly align around key priorities.

Ryan went on to explain that the process starts by identifying a target customer segment. This is critical since different types of customers have different needs and go through different journeys. Ryan shared an example of a persona from the workshop, explaining how it helps disseminate a crisp understanding of key customer segments.

Julie chimed in, saying that once you have a persona, you define a goal for that target customer. It could be something like “he wants to feel safe because their home has appropriate insurance coverage,” or maybe “she wants to get her car fixed after an accident.”

Julie described how customer journey maps lay out steps that customers take to accomplish their goal. She highlighted that it often includes steps that have nothing to do with the company, like getting advice from a friend or sharing a quote with a family member. Julie explained that the process requires using the customer’s language and examining how customers feel all along the journey.

Ryan explained that customer journey maps are great for identifying moments of truth, which are interactions that have a disproportionate impact on customer loyalty. He described how customer journey mapping can help prioritize areas to make improvements, focus voice of the customer programs, create new offerings, and train employees.

Both Ryan and Julie were particularly excited to explain a concept that Temkin Group calls Customer Journey Thinking. Julie told the executives that while Customer Journey Mapping is great for key areas of the business, Customer Journey Thinking is something they can use to instill a customer-centric mindset across the organization.

Customer Journey Mapping PyramidThe entire executive team perked up with that statement.

Ryan explained that Customer Journey Thinking gets employees to consider customers’ journeys in their daily activities by continually asking and answering five questions:

Five Questions of Customer Journey ThinkingThe first question two questions are Who is the customer? and What is the customer’s real goal?

The next two questions need to be asked three times each, What did the customer do right before? and What will the customer do right afterwards?

The final question is What will make the customer happy?

The management team thanked Julie and Ryan and enthusiastically endorsed the use of customer journey mapping and customer journey thinking.

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