We recently released the 2015 Temkin Experience Ratings that ranks the customer experience of 293 companies across 20 industries based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers.

This is the first year that utilities have been included in the Ratings. Overall, the utilities industry averaged a 62% rating in the 2015 Temkin Experience Ratings, coming in 13th place out of 20 industries.

Georgia Power and Southern California Gas Company tied for the top spot out of 12 utilities in the Ratings, each scoring 74%, which put them both in 60th place overall out of 293 companies across 20 industries. At the other end of the spectrum, Con Edison of NY was the lowest-rated utility company, with a score of 47% and a rank of 281st.

Here are other highlights:

  • Only five companies—Southern California Gas Company, Georgia Power, Florida Power & Light, Southern California Edison, and PSE&G—scored above the industry average in all three TxR component categories.
  • Dominion Virginia Power, DTE Energy Electric Company, and Commonwealth Edison all scored above the industry average for both success and effort, but below industry average for emotion.
  • Georgia Power scored 16.9 percentage-points higher than the industry average in emotion, the biggest difference between the industry average and a company score for any of the components.

The bottom line: Utilities deliver mediocre customer experience.


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