Off Topic: Another Fun Trip to NYC

We’re just about to leave New York after an enjoyable long weekend. As always, the Big Apple was a fun spot to hang out for a few days. Here are some of my observations (and evaluations) from the trip:

  • A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: Overrated. We were very excited to see this year’s Tony Award winner for best musical, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. It was a good show, with some good acting and clever staging. But it was not a great show, more of a slapstick comedy than a pure musical. It did not match up to previous Tony winners such as Book of Mormon, In the Heights, Once, Memphis, and Spring Awakenings. There weren’t any memorable musical numbers. Making matters worse, the Walter Kerr Theater was too warm and lacked sufficient air flow (at least in the front of the Mezzanine).
  • Violet: Bravo! We went to a matinee of the revival of the musical Violet. It was fabulous. Big, robust musical numbers with truly outstanding performances by Sutton Foster and Joshua Henry.
  • Pizza-Like Chicken Parmigiana: Awesome. We had several great meals during the visit. It turns out that two restaurants offered chicken parmigiana pounded out in a circle and served like a pizza (see pictures below). They were both excellent as were the restaurants. One was Trattoria Dell’Arte that also had great antipastos and extremely friendly service. The other restaurant was Quality Italian Steakhouse. It was an upscale restaurant which wasn’t as pricey as a typical NYC steakhouse. Everything was really good.
  • Breakfast at Norma’s: Pricey and Special. We spent our last morning having breakfast at Norma’s, at the Le Parker Meridien. We probably end up there every other year. It has a wide variety of unusual breakfasts that are all quite special. I ate my usual Egg White Frittata of Shrimp, which was fantastic. Of course, you can get indigestion if you spend too much time looking at the prices.
  • Meals with Cousins: Priceless. We had two really nice meals with cousins at very fun locations. Saturday brunch was at Maysville, a very cool restaurant and whiskey bar. My cousin is a whiskey expert who works at a sister restaurant, so it was fun to learn about the restaurant and the spirits. Make sure to get the truffles! Our second cousin get-together was at a Japanese BBQ, Gyu-Kaku. It was fun to order the meats and cook our collective dinner on the fire in the middle of the table. We ended the meal cooking s’mores.
  • The City That Never Sleeps: Overstated. Yes, NYC is vibrant almost all the time. It’s hard to walk along the sidewalks with so many people mulling around. But, when we were walking to breakfast at around 9:00 over the weekend, the streets were mostly empty. The Big Apple may not sleep at night, but it certainly catches some shuteye on weekend mornings.
  • Uber: Simplifying. It’s such a pleasure getting an UberX wherever you are in the city within minutes, without having to scream, whistle, and wave your hands like a maniac to hail a taxi. And I like not having to pay when you jump out of the car. There are Uber cars everywhere. If I was a NYC cabbie I’d hate Uber. But I’m not.


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