In the Temkin Group report The State of Customer Experience Management, 2014, we examine the CX competencies and maturity for large organizations. It turns out that less than one-quarter of companies have reached the top three (out of six) stages of CX maturity.

The transition from Stage 3 (Mobilize) to higher stages of maturity represents what I call the shift from fluff to tough.


As you can see in the chart above, the early stages of maturity (fluff) focus on CX improvements around the business without addressing underlying operational and cultural issues. The higher stages of maturity (tough) are about changing how the company operates and creating a more customer-centric culture.

There’s nothing wrong with the fluff levels of maturity, but many companies will not have the commitment and fortitude to take on the tough activities.

The bottom line: Creating sustainable CX differentiation is tough

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