Report: State of the CX Profession, 2014

1402_StateOfCX Profession2014_COVER200We just published a Temkin Group report, State of the CX Profession, 2014. This is the fourth year that we’ve examined the roles of CX professionals. In addition, this is the first year that we’ve done a compensation study. Here’s the executive summary:

To better understand the mindset and roles of CX professionals, we surveyed 293 of them and then compared their responses to similar studies we conducted in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Customer experience flourished in 2013, as this year respondents reported an uptick in positive results from their CX efforts, and an overwhelming number of them (98%) believe that customer experience is a great profession to work in. Nearly nine out of ten respondents are actively working on voice of the customer programs, which is a significant increase from last year. In seven out of the 10 CX activities we examined, levels of active involvement by CX professionals have reached an all-time high. Meanwhile, customer service remains the highest focus for interactions. Respondents expect spending and hiring for CX activities to reach an record high in the coming year. On this year’s survey we included our first compensation study. We examined 131 CX professionals from large organizations and found that their medium compensation (salary plus bonus) ranged from $90,000 for mid-level individual contributors to $260,000 for CX executives.

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Here’s the range of  compensation that we found for five groups of CX professionals within large organizations:


Here are some additional findings from the CX professionals:

  • 98% agree with the statement “customer experience is a great profession to be in.”
  • 38% are likely to look for a new job inside their organization, while 46% are likely to look for a job outside.
  • VoC and customer insight analysis are the areas that most CX professionals work on and both areas have seen double-digit increases over the past year.
  • Two-thirds report that they are involved with customer service interactions, which has occupied the top spot for all four years.
  • 82% agree that their executive team is committed to their company’s customer experience goals, up from 77% last year.
  • The percentage who think that CX will be more important next year then it was this past year grew from 74% in 2012 to 86% this year—its highest level in all four years.
  • 81% plan to put more effort into their CX measurement and metrics, followed by 78% for customer insights and analytics and 73% for voice of the customer programs.
  • The average professional experience across the five groups ranges from 13.0 years for a mid-level individual contributor to 20.5 years for an executive, while their average CX experience ranges from 4.5 years to 11.5 years.
  • 29% of CX professionals who make $150,000 or more per year are likely to look for a new job inside of their company this year, compared with 45% of CX professionals with lower pay.

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The bottom line: The CX profession is thriving.

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