Customer Experience in Review, 50+ CX Data Bits from 2013

CXDataBits100hWe had a busy research year in 2013, publishing 22 research reports in addition to a large number of datasets and research-based blog posts. That’s a lot of data!

We looked through all of our published analyses and pulled out some interesting data points from last year (and mixed in a few from 2012) . So here’s a data retrospective on CX in 2013 across a number of categories (including our four CX core competencies):

CX Industry:

ROI of Customer Experience:

Temkin Group Ratings:

  • Only 37% of companies earned “good” or “excellent” scores in the 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings, while 28% received “poor” or “very poor” scores. However, companies with at least a “good” rating increased from 28% in 2012 and 16% in 2011 (2013 Temkin Experience Ratings Report).
  • 57% firms included in both the 2012 and 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings increased their scores (2013 Temkin Experience Ratings Report).
  • Grocery chains, retailers, and fast food chains earned the highest average Temkin Customer Service Ratings, while TV service providers, Internet service providers, wireless carriers and health plans earned the lowest ratings (2013 Temkin Customer Service Ratings).
  • Only 6% of companies earned “strong” or “very strong” ratings in Temkin Group’s Web Experience Ratings, while 63% earned “weak” or “very weak” ratings (2013 Temkin Web Experience Ratings).
  • Banks earned the highest average Temkin Web Experience Ratings, followed by investment firms, retailers, credit card issuers, and hotel chains (2013 Temkin Web Experience Ratings).
  • Grocery chains earned the most trust in Temkin Group’s Trust Ratings, while TV service providers earned the least trust (2013 Temkin Trust Ratings).
  • Grocery chains are the most forgivable companies according to Temkin Group’s Forgiveness Ratings with an average rating of 39%, while TV service providers are the least forgivable with a rating of 12% (2013 Temkin Forgiveness Ratings).
  • The average Temkin Experience Rating for Tech Vendors dropped from 58% in 2013 to 52% in 2013 (2013 Temkin Experience Ratings For Tech Vendors Report).

CX Organizations:

Employee Engagement (CX Core Competency): 

Purposeful Leadership (CX Core Competency):

Compelling Brand Values  (CX Core Competency): 

Customer Connectedness (CX Core Competency):

The bottom line: 2013 was a busy year for customer experience, bring on 2014!

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