Customer Experience Blossoms In the UK

Earlier this week, I was in London for a Customer Experience Professionals Association ( Local Networking Event. Afterwards, we held the first in-person meeting of the CXPA’s UK Board of Ambassadors. It was great to see the energy and passion of CX professionals in the UK! Here are some of my observations from the trip:

  • The UK is a CX hot spot. As I noted in a previous post, the UK represents the second largest group of readers on this blog. It was great to see the passion for customer experience in-person, which I also experienced at an event in London in July.
  • CX professionals light up when they get together. The local networking event drew more than 40 people from the London area. It was a lively group. I gave an overview of some CXPA activities, and then Fidelity International (the host company) led a workshop in Design Thinking. Attendees seemed to enjoy the session and actively mingled together before and after the formal part of the event. I’ve been to many CXPA local networking events around the world, and there is always an amazing buzz that happens when CX professionals meet.
  • CX certification will be a big hit. Earlier this year, the CXPA announced that it was developing a professional certification. Well, the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) is almost here. I gave the UK attendees an update, including plans to certify some professionals in December as part of the beta program and plans to go live with the certification in Q1 2014. The group was very excited to hear the news. I am looking forward to seeing how a professional certification (from a non-profit industry association) will shape the CX profession.
  • London is a great city. I spent a semester at the London Business School on an exchange program from MIT and fell in love with the city. It’s one of my favorite destinations. The weather was beautiful (as it seems to be, for some reason, during most of my visits) so I was able to walk everywhere. I love walking through London.

Alan Woollam Welcomes CXPA AttendeesLNE Attendees Work on a Design Thinking Exercise

CXPA's UK Board of Ambassadors in Planning SessionCXPA's UK Board of Ambassadors on the Way to DInner

The bottom line: I had a great trip to London!

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