IphoneAndroidToday, Apple announced its new line of iPhones: 5S and 5C. I’ll let the gadget guys discuss the differences and merits of those models, but I decided to take at why people buy iPhones versus Android phones. In our Q1 benchmark study, we asked U.S. consumers about their mobile phone purchases during the previous 90 days. It turns out that 261 had purchased iPhones and 394 had purchased Android phones.

I compared some of the reasons why consumers purchase these two smart phones. As you can see in the chart below:

  • Androids are purchase more for their features and price
  • iPhones are purchased more for their reputation and availability
  • Android buyers are more frequently switching providers, especially because the other option was too expensive
  • iPhone buyers are twice as likely to have switched providers because their current provider did not have the right products

IphoneAndroidPurchaseThe bottom line: Android wins on features and price, Apple wins on reputation

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