Direct-to-Consumer Health Plans Are More Satisfying

During our recent consumer study, we surveyed almost 700 U.S. consumers who had recently purchased a health plan (including Medicaid and Medicare), 341 through their employer and 335 directly from the health insurer. In my first analysis of the data, I examined satisfaction levels with the new health plan experience.

As you can see in the chart below, consumers that purchase directly from a health plan are more satisfied with every aspect of the experience and they are more satisfied with their health plan. The overall news, however, is not so good. On average, only 35% of U.S. consumers are highly satisfied with their health plan.

1306_HealthPlanExpDTCThe bottom line: DTC leads to higher, but not high satisfaction

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  1. I wonder if the higher satisfaction is because the consumer is actively shopping for a plan rather than receiving some limited choices from their employer.

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