I often look at the statistics for this blog to gauge the demand for my content in different countries. I decided to share a little analysis I did looking at the volume of blog readers by country over the last 90 days and comparing that with the GDP levels of those countries. This chart shows the top 15 countries in terms of my readership.


I think this is a relatively good gauge of global interest in customer experience, although it probably underweights some regions where there might be more non-english activities around CX. Here are some observations:

  • U.S. is by far the largest market for CX, followed by the UK and then Canada
  • New Zealand has the most active CX interest for its size, followed by UK, U.S. and Singapore
  • Germany, Italy, France, and Spain have low relative levels of interest in CX
  • China, Japan, Russia, Mexico, and South Korea are in the top 15 in GDP, but not in the top 15 for my blog

The bottom line: U.S., UK and New Zealand show the strongest interest in CX Matters

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  1. Go little old New Zealand. It’s good to know that we are making an appearance!

    You are right, there is a growing appetite for Cx down here at the moment. In some ways we were late to the party, but our smaller scale affords some organisations the chance to move quickly once we realise a trend like this.

    Feel free to reach out if you would like to understand the market in NZ further.

    Regards Tony Hillson

    Director Service Design NZ Ltd

    Please excuse my typos

    Tony Hillson Mobile +64 21 392 621

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