Want Patients To Follow Medical Advice? Satisfy Them First

In our recent consumer benchmark study, we asked a number of questions about patient experience. It turns out that 79% of recent patients trust health advice from doctors, but only one-third will follow advice from health plans and pharmaceutical companies.

But that’s not the total story…

We also asked patients how satisfied they were with interactions during their recent medical visits. When we examine their likelihood to follow medical advice it turns out that there’s a large gap between satisfied and dissatisfied consumers. As it turns out, about half of consumers that are satisfied with their recent interactions with pharma companies and health plans are likely to follow medical advice from those firms.

This is in’t particularly good news for health plans, since  they were the lowest scoring companies in the 2012 Temkin Experience Ratings. But it is another reason why customer experience is critical for health plans. If those firms want to improve their economics by having members make more healthy decisions, then they are more likely to be successful and influence consumers if they improve how they treat them.

The bottom line: You need to earn the right to offer health advice

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2 thoughts on “Want Patients To Follow Medical Advice? Satisfy Them First”

  1. I am surprised to know of the feedback from patients and their dissatisfaction with the care-givers in US. I was under the impression that given the fewer number of patients, availability of automation and the legal framework, patients would have a high quality experience. Ultimately, all these factors notwithstanding the only thing that can make a difference to the patients is genuine care by the physicians.

  2. I can see this the validity of this research from a personal experience. A surgical center caused me to not follow the post op advice 100 percent. Part of it was due to my own preference but the other was due to an unresponsive practitioner as well as a post op follow up call claimed to be focused on the patients post-surgery comfort but turned out to be a survey on the procedure itself. How does one rate an overall surgical procedure when one is still in the pain of recovery…I was surveyed within 5 hours of a 7 hour procedure by a call agent that had no idea what I had just gone through.

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