We recently examined the scores in the 2012 Temkin Loyalty Ratings across genders and found that women are more loyal then men. We decided to look at that same data across three ethnic groups: Caucasians, Hispanics and African Americans. These classifications are based on the self-selection of respondents.

A caveat: Hispanic respondents are likely to be heavily biased towards those that are comfortable with English and therefore under-represent consumers that predominantly speak Spanish.

We analyzed the loyalty data across 18 industries and found that:

  • Caucasians are the most loyal in 10 of the industries
  • The largest ethnic loyalty gap is with auto dealers; Caucasians have a loyalty score that is 11 percentage points higher than African Americans
  • Hispanics are most loyal in four industries: credit cards, airlines, appliances, and rental cars. They are also the least loyal (or tied for least loyal) in 12 industries.
  • African Americans are most loyal in four industries: health plans, Internet service, banks, and TV service (although there is very little difference in loyalty for those last two industries).

The bottom line: TV service providers have earned very little loyalty with any group

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  1. What is the difference between customers being loyal and businesses retaining customers? Isn’t the finding actually that businesses are failing to retain non-Caucasian customers as well as they retain Caucasians?

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