In a recent report, State of Customer Experience Metrics, 2012, we examined how large companies use CX metrics. To get a better sense of what’s going on, we segmented the companies in our study along two dimensions:  frequency of metrics usage by executives and integration of CX metrics into key decisions. The results defined four segments of companies:

  • CX Metrics Ignorers (45%): These companies don’t use CX metrics in any substantial way.
  • CX Metrics Reviewers (16%): These companies review metrics but don’t do too much with the information.
  • CX Metrics Toe Dippers (14%): These companies make some decisions using CX metrics, but the metrics aren’t part of the ongoing operations.
  • CX Metrics Decision Makers (25%): These companies use CX metrics to guide how they run their business.

The bottom line: How do YOU use CX metrics?

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