A Glimpse At Social Media And Mobile Adoption Rates

As you prepare for 2012, it’s likely that social media and mobile are making their way on to your agenda. And they should. These channels are growing and are particularly important if you are targeting a young audience.

We’re working on a report for early 2012 that examines adoption levels and frequency rates of use for numerous social media and mobile activities. The analysis will dig into differences across consumer demographic segments. Here’s an early glimpse at some of the high-level data:

Here’s that same analysis done for just 18 to 24 year-olds:

As you can see, there’s a dramatic difference in adoption rates, especially when looking at mobile activities.

The bottom line: You need to look at social media and mobile if you want to reach younger consumers

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2 thoughts on “A Glimpse At Social Media And Mobile Adoption Rates”

  1. Agreed. Especially true for tweens and early teenagers. Mobile and smartphone adoption has exploded, well outweighing web browsing or email. In fact, fewer teens and pre-teens are using email– it has become an antiquated form of technology with a 22% open rate. Companies need to embrace technologies their members use in order to communicate in a way their members live. Today, that means mobile.

    1. Madison, it is amazing that email is already becoming obsolete for the younger set. Hopefully my upcoming research will help companies understand some fo these trends across different consumer demographics.

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