Report: State Of Voice Of The Customer Programs, 2011

We just published a new Temkin Group report, The State Of Voice Of The Customer Programs, 2011.

Here’s the executive summary:

Voice of the customer (VoC) programs are a popular customer experience management tool. We surveyed 192 large companies about their VoC programs and found that most of these efforts are successful. Typical programs employ three to five full-time employees and are not yet using social media or mobile channels. The respondents completed Temkin Group’s VoC Maturity Assessment, which gauges the effectiveness of these programs in six areas: Detect, Disseminate, Diagnose, Discuss, Design, and Deploy. The results show that only 2% of companies have reached the highest level of maturity. We recommend that companies use the assessment tool and data included in the report to benchmark their own maturity level and identify areas for improvement.

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The report introduces a new tool, Temkin Group’s VoC Maturity Assessment. We use data from our 30-question assessment to evaluate the VoC programs at 192 large companies across the “6 Ds” of a closed-loop VoC program. On average, the companies received ratings between “poor” and “okay” for all 6Ds, with the highest score in “Discuss” and the lowest in “Detect.”

While the averages highlight many opportunities for improvement, a number of companies already have good VoC ratings:

  • Detect: 20% are “good” or “very good”
  • Disseminate: 24% are “good” or “very good”
  • Diagnose: 28% are “good” or “very good”
  • Discuss: 32% are “good” or “very good”
  • Design: 18% are “good” or “very good”
  • Deploy: 24% are “good” or “very good”

Using the data, we’re able to identify the stage of maturity for each of the VoC programs. The data shows that there’s a lot of room for improvement; only 2% of companies have reached the highest level of maturity: “Transformers.” At the other end of the spectrum, 14% of companies are “Novices,” the lowest level of maturity.

Download report for $195

The bottom line: Voice of the customer programs are in their adolescence

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