HSBC: Restructure Your Customer Experience

HSBC announced that it is cutting about 10% of it’s worldwide workforce and selling off half of its US bank branches as part of a global restructuring.

My take: HSBC’s need for restructuring in no surprise given the company’s terrible customer experience in the US (it might perform quite differently in other parts of the world). Look at how HSBC compares to other banks in the 2011 Temkin Experience Ratings — it’s the worst performing bank in all three elements of our ratings: Functional, Accessible, Emotional.

HSBC, not surprisingly, also has one of the lowest levels of loyalty when compared with 143 companies we examined. As our research has shown, good customer experience correlates to higher loyalty. HSBC’s US operations shows that the opposite is true as well.

The bottom line: HSBC needs to restructure its US customer experience

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2 thoughts on “HSBC: Restructure Your Customer Experience”

  1. HSBC is a bank that we have covered at our blog ( as being the most ‘inside out’ in its approach to customer service.

    The same is true in Asia, for example the bank has a ‘rule’ that its Premier Banking clients must not stand for more than 2 minutes, so even if the customer wants to stand, they are badgered by staff to sit down. Then there’s the rule that, on telephone calls, staff must always be the last to say ‘thank you’. So if the customer says ‘no, thank you,’ the staff member then answers back ‘no, thank you.’

    It’s as though HSBC really don’t want human beings as part of their organisation, either as staff or customers.

    But if they treat their customers as robots, is it a surprise when they switch off?

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