Fidelity’s Employee Engagement Goes Up And Down

I was recently in a Fidelity Investments office building in Boston and was pleased by the view in the elevator. On the inside door was this prominent graphic promoting the company’s customer experience efforts…

My take: These elevators are not typically used by clients, they’re for employees going up-and-down during the work day. What a wonderful way for the company to signal that customer experience is important. This is a great example of a tool that companies can use as part of their Employee Engagement efforts (one of the four customer experience core competencies).

Of course, it would be a mistake to just put up signage — as I highlighted with American Airlines. But I know that Fidelity is actively working on its customer experience efforts and this is part of a broader effort to engage employees.

The bottom line: Keep customer experience front-and-center up-and-down

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4 thoughts on “Fidelity’s Employee Engagement Goes Up And Down”

  1. Excellent way to remind employees what the “real” job is. You are actually in the customer experience business. You just happen to have the title Financial Advisor and do financial-type work.

  2. Absolutely Bruce & Jeffery.

    This is the focus of customer all companies aim to achieve. Unfortunately Bruce most CE is not on agenda of most CEOs. They have 101 other priorities. Whenever I talk to them abt CE they put me in touch with their sales and marketing team. I believe that unless its a top management priority it will be mediocre just to get immediate sales.

  3. Jeffrey: You’re right. Everyone is in the customer experience business. And Sunil, you;re experience matches the data. The number on obstacle to customer experience success I’ve found in every data cut that I’ve done is “other competing priorities.” That’s why customer experience efforts need to become embedded in the rhythm of the business. Thanks for your comments!

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