The Container Store Loves Its Employees

For most companies, a proclamation like “we love our employees” would be perceived as corny (at best) or more likely as a complete farce. But The Container Store is not like many other companies. So it’s not surprising that the company proclaimed Valentine’s Day as its National We Love Our Employees Day.

So on Monday, employees were treated to special celebrations, gifts and recognition. Here’s an excerpt from the company’s blog post about the We Love Our Employees Day that gives some context for the event:

“…we all believe that if you work to make your employees the happiest employees around, well then they will absolutely, positively then make our customers the happiest customers around. And if those two are ecstatic, then wonderfully, and almost ironically, you’ll have the happiest shareholders around, too.”

That sounds like an exact narrative of our employee experience virtuous cycle which, interestingly, I introduced in a previous post about The Container Store:

The bottom line: Do you love your employees enough?

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4 thoughts on “The Container Store Loves Its Employees”

  1. Bruce, it is great to see companies such as the Container Store who put their employees first. As a customer experience specialist I understand the value that associates give. It is easier to sell a brand when you feel as though you are invested in as well. Miriam

  2. Hi everyone: Thanks for commenting. Pierre: I love the service-profit chain work. My diagram is a bit simpler and highlights some of the positive feedback more explicitly. And, companies are very complex. So I agree that you can’t just look at one thing (including satisfaction).

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