Quick 6 With Ingrid Lindberg, CIGNA

In this feature on the Customer Experience Matters blog, we ask 6 questions of different customer experience leaders.

  • Name: Ingrid Lindberg
  • Title: Customer Experience Officer
  • Company: CIGNA
  • Length of time on the job: 37 months
  • Previous position: CMO Ceridian Benefits Services

1. What do you most like about your role?

My personal drivers are altruism and hedonism. I want to help people and have a great time while doing so. This role, and this industry, allow me to really make a difference in our customers’ lives and my team helps me to have fun while doing the work.

2. What are you most proud of accomplishing?

We know that a customer’s understanding of their benefits is correlated to how much they trust us as their health service company. And we know that the more they trust us, the more likely they are to participate in their health and wellness with us. We also know that if people are willing to enroll in health and wellness programs with us, we can help them live healtier lives. So – something as simple as simplifying the language of health care directly correlates to helping our customers’ live healthier lives. That’s why I come to work every day.

3. What has been the most surprising challenge?

I thought the culture change would be really hard – but we have thousands of employees who simpy were waiting for someone to help lead the way to a better experience for our customers. And some of the technology stuff that I thought would be really easy, coming from financial services, is in fact, really hard – due to the complexity of the benefits designs we support.

4. How would you describe where your company is on its customer experience journey?

I always know it is working when we have other “experience” groups and projects popping up all over a company. We now have multiple projects who have “experience” as a part of their project title, and we have “Experience architects” embedded in many projects across the company. It is amazing to me that in just a little under three years, we’ve gone from almost always talking about the b2b part of our business to almost always talking about the b2b2c part of our business. People ask and push and really advocate for what is right for the customer. I can’t get answers out fast enough..

5. What initiatives are you currently most excited about?

We’re doing some really neat work with our own employees that will teach us even more about our customers. As long as I can continue to learn more – I’m excited.

6. What advice do you have for someone who is about to take on a similar role?

Make sure you have a ceo who is willing to be out in front of you, leading the charge. It is one of the most important things I look for when I’m taking a customer experience role. I’m extremely lucky that my ceo, david cordani, is as passionate about customers and customer experience as I am.

Extra credit question: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a total introvert.

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