Customer Connectedness Rises To The Top

In a previous post, I asked people to vote for one of the four core customer experience competencies that they most wanted Temkin Group to research.

Here are the results from that poll…

I’m not surprised that Customer Connectedness came out on top. Most customer experience efforts generally center around this competency. What surprised me, though, was the incredibly low interest in Compelling Brand Values. My research has shown that building a customer centric culture requires all four competencies; companies are only as good as their weakest area.

One might assume from the responses that companies are doing a great job with Compelling Brand Values. But that’s not the case. Large companies ended up with the most “very poor” ratings in this competency area.

Here’s how I will use the results: Prioritize research around Customer Connectedness best practices and find ways to raise the visibility of Compelling Brand Values.

The bottom line: Thanks for the feedback!

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2 thoughts on “Customer Connectedness Rises To The Top”

  1. Bruce, I downloaded your Right Now white paper this morning. Good stuff! I do branding, marketing and communications consulting work (I’m an agency guy) and have been emphasizing the importance of employees as Brand Ambassadors for the past few years. Far too many organizations think branding is an ad campaign and fail to understand that every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to reinforce or subvert a brand.

    My condolences on your Dad. Nice eulogy!

  2. I’m not too surprised by this result. Regardless of how good a job people are actually doing at delivering compelling brand value, it is the one area out of the four that they have direct control over. Success in the other competencies rely on exacting behaviors from others and is generally our of their direct control, thus the need for direction and elaboration.

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