Profiling Customer Experience Leaders

We just published a new Temkin Group Insight Report, Profiling Customer Experience Leaders. This report, which is based on a survey of 140 large North American companies, compares examines how companies that have more customer experience capabilities are different than their peers.

Using the Temkin Group customer experience competency assessment, we separated the group into 60 leaders and 80 laggards. We analyzed their responses in areas like level of ambition, priorities, obstacles, voice of the customer programs, organizational structure, Net Promoter usage, and social media activities.

Here’s the executive summary:

Using the Temkin Group (TG) customer experience competency model, we found that only 3% of large North American firms were what we call “Customer-Centric Organizations.” We used the TG competency model to break respondents into two groups, 60 leaders and 80 laggards, and examined the differences in their responses across various dimensions. Some of the areas with striking gaps between the two groups: focus on creating a customer-centric culture, priority for cost-cutting, ability to delight customers across all channels, success with Net Promoter Scores, use of text analytics, and obstacles they run into.

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The report has 15 figures; with lots of data. Here are a handful of the many interesting factoids:

  • 82% of leaders think it’s important to make their company’s culture more customer-centric, compared to only 40% of laggards
  • 52% of leaders think they regularly delight customers that call for customer service, compared to only 28% of laggards
  • 65% of leaders with VoC programs use text analytics, compared to only 30% of laggards
  • 90% of leaders regularly celebrate and reward employees that exemplify their core values, compared to only 17% of laggards
  • 68% of laggards suffer from a lack of a clear customer experience strategy, compared to only 33% of leaders

This report builds off of two previous Temkin Group reports:

Download report for $195

The bottom line: Chart a path to customer experience leadership

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