The Voice Of The Customer Is Powerful

In the Temkin Group report The Current State Of Customer Experience, we examined several areas of activities, including voice of the customer (VoC) programs.

It turns out that more than half of the large companies had a formal VoC program in place. And when we asked about the results, the data was amazing — 83% of companies reported that they had positive results from those efforts.

There aren’t many activities going on within large companies that have this type of consistent results. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. What’s more aligning for an organization than getting clear feedback from customers?!?

That’s why Temkin Group has an extensive research effort underway looking at VoC best practices. If your company has a VoC program, then we’d love you to take our SHORT survey on your VoC efforts; and you’ll get access to the results.

The bottom line: Voice of the customer is an enterprise asset

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I am a customer experience transformist, helping large organizations improve business results by changing how they deal with customers. As part of this focus, I examine strategy, culture, interaction design, customer service, branding and leadership practices. I am also a fanatical student of business, so this blog provides an outlet for sharing insights from my ongoing educational journey. Simply put, I am passionate about spotting emerging best practices and helping companies master them. And, as many people know, I love to speak about these topics in almost any forum. My “title” is Managing Partner of the Temkin Group, a customer experience research and consulting firm that helps organizations become more customer-centric. Our goal is simple: accelerate the path to delighting customers. I am also the co-founder and Emeritus Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (, a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of CX professionals.

3 thoughts on “The Voice Of The Customer Is Powerful”

  1. Hello! It’s nice to see that VoC programs are finally getting the recognition they deserve. When my husband worked for a VoC dept. they were little known, and like Rodney Dangerfield, they got absolutely no respect! Now that I’m in marketing, I have a whole new appreciation for the job he did! Customer response is incredibly valuable, and it’s something we can’t even begin to get enough of.

    A question: I work for a small company with very limited resources. I’d love to be able to follow up with all of our clients, but it’s simply not practical. Do you have any suggestions for implementing a strong VoC program with the resources at hand?

  2. I don’t think it’s necessary to follow up with all of your customers. I don’t think they expect it, either. Mostly, when customers give you feedback, they want to know that you are going to understand their recommendation and apply it to the business in a systemic way – so, for example, the next time they buy your product, it doesn’t arrive in a box six times as large as it needs to be. That’s the best kind of feedback you could give your customers. Show them you listened & acted.

  3. @Dacia Couldn’t agree with you more. I have seen an interesting research into motivation of customers who give their feedback and a very few of respondents actually expected or wanted to be be contacted. The primary motivation was to contribute to a systemic improvement in customer experience. They want positive action to their feedback, not a “relationship”.

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