Data On Customer Experience In Western Europe

In the recent Temkin Group insight report The Current State Of Customer Experience, we analyzed data from more than 140 large North American companies. As part of that survey, we also collected data from 28 large Western European companies. While the data from that small number of companies may not be statistically valid for profiling the entire region, it does provide some insights into the state of customer experience in W. Europe.

Here are some of the highlights with comparisons to the North American data

  • 18 of 28 have goals to be the best in their industry at delivering customer experience within three years. That data equates to:
    • 64% in W. Europe compared with 65% in North America
  • 1 of 25 always or almost alway delights customers who are getting customer service online. That data equates to:
    • 4% in W. Europe compared with 16% in North America
  • 17 of 25 have a senior executive in charge of customer experience across the company. That data equates to:
    • 68% in W. Europe compared with 62% in North America
  • 16 of 25 have a formalized voice of the customer program. That data equates to:
    • 64% in W. Europe compared with 57% in North America
  • 17 of 24 use Net Promoter Scores. That data equates to:
    • 71% in W. Europe compared with 45% in North America

The largest differences: European companies are less enamored with how they treat customers online and are more frequently using Net Promoter Scores.

The bottom line: Customer experience is a global concern

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  1. Completely agreed with respect to your point about how Western European companies (fail to) delight customers online. I remember seeing some research a year or so ago that identified French companies as notable laggards in that department. E-support is definitely something that Western European companies need to step up and be better at.

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