The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies

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Temkin Group is happy to release this new Insight Report, The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies, which you can download for free.

This report describes the four competencies that companies need to master in order to build and sustain customer experience success.

Here’s the executive summary of the report:

Organizations that want to become customer experience leaders need to master four customer experience competencies: Purposeful Leadership, Employee Engagement, Compelling Brand Values, and Customer Connectedness. Gauge how close your company is to being a Customer-Centric Organization using Temkin Group’s competency model to identify strengths and weaknesses.

I urge you to read this report, share it with others in your organization, and take the competency assessment which is shown in figure 3.

The bottom line: Start building your customer experience competencies

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I am an experience management transformist, helping organizations improve business results by engaging the hearts and minds of their customers, employees, and partners. My "job" is Head of the Qualtrics XM Institute. The Institute is still being established, but our goal is to help organizations around the world thrive by mastering Experience Management (XM). As part of this focus, I examine strategy, culture, interaction design, customer service, branding and leadership practices. And, as many people know, I love to speak about these topics in almost any forum. Prior to joining Qualtrics, I was managing partner of Temkin Group (leading CX research, advisory, and training firm), co-founder and chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (, and a VP at Forrester Research. I'm a fanatical student of business, so this blog provides an outlet for sharing insights from my ongoing educational journey. Check out my LinkedIn profile:

10 thoughts on “The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies”

  1. Your “employee experience virtuous cycle” is simple but brilliant. Not only is customer experience linked to employee experience, it is a direct reflection of it. I could not agree more that great customer experience is not sustainable without passionate employee engagement. Transforming your employees into empowered and engaged evangelists that act like owners will transcend into greater customer experience, loyal customers, decreased turnover, proud employees and strong financial results.

    I enjoyed the entire report and blogged about it on my blog today

    Great stuff Bruce, thanks for sharing!

  2. Bruce,

    Great insights. I absolutely agree that your Four Customer Experience Core Competencies are essential for companies that are aspiring to become customer-centric. While all four are completely imperative, competency number two, Employee Engagement, can truly make or break this initiative. As you point out in your reports, clearly defined goals, communications, training, metrics and recognition driven by the Voice of the Customer can produce amazing results by employees. As leaders, we need to be supportive and committed to our teams and to the Voice of the Customer so that we can truly create world class customer companies. Cheers!

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