PCs Narrow Customer Experience Gap With Apple

Earlier this year I published the 2010 Customer Experience Index (CxPi) that ranked 133 companies across 14 industries. As a follow-on to that analysis, I recently published a research report focused on the six computer manufacturers on the list. The overall industry average improved two percentage points, going from 64% to 66% — crossing into the “okay” range. And, Apple was once again well out in front of the pack.

Here are the results for the 2010 CxPi and the previous (2008) CxPi:

But the aggregate scores aren’t the key story. It turns out that the “PC” firms all improved their customer experience while Apple’s score dropped. In 2008, Apple had a 16+ percentage point lead, but HP has narrowed the gap to 7 percentage points.

So I decided to update the graphic that I used last year:

The bottom line: The Windows ecosystem is getting better.

P.S. Take a look at this post from last year: Apple Beats Windows, Part Two

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5 thoughts on “PCs Narrow Customer Experience Gap With Apple”

  1. Very interesting to see the changes and correlations. These become particularly intersteing to see over time with trends — thanks for the info. No big surprise with Dell. Seems their biggest opportunity may lie in upgrading their customer experinece/sat over product innovation.

  2. I think what Apple would tell you is that PC manufacturers will never be able to produce the same level of experience without manufacturing both the hardware and the OS. The connection between those two is a big part of what allows Apple to create a better experience.

    Where is Microsoft on that list? Shouldn’t their customer experience ranking be merged in with the hardware manufacturers if you’re going to compare the overall experience between PCs and Macs?

  3. Very interesting findings.

    What I also think is interesting is that even the evangelical Apple Mac computers are not getting ratings in the Excellent range.

    Do consumers have unrealistic expectations of computing or rather, unmet needs?

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