Since I just posted about my top research reports in Q3, I decided to also look at my most-read blog posts during that same time. So here are my 20 top posts for Q3:

  1. Free Book: The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience
  2. LEGO’s Building Block For Good Experience
  3. Who is Bruce?
  4. Forrester’s 2008 Customer Experience Rankings
  5. Free Book: The 6 New Management Imperatives
  6. Experience-Based Differentiation
  7. 6 C’s Of Customer-Centric DNA
  8. Five Disruptive Customer Experience Strategies
  9. Ryanair’s Terrible Customer Experience Makes Sense
  10. Customer Experience Boosts Revenue
  11. Discussing Zappos’ Culture With Tony Hsieh
  12. The Customer Experience Journey
  13. 3 Leadership Lessons From Ted Kennedy
  14. My Manifesto: Great Customer Experience
  15. Consider Giving Customers Fewer Choices
  16. What Do Customers Want? Professor Kano Knows
  17. Six Trends Reshape Voice Of The Customer
  18. Customer Experience Correlates To Loyalty
  19. Are you listening to the voice of the customer
  20. Use Storytelling To Define Your Culture

The bottom line: It’s great to see so much demand for my 6 laws.

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