3 Leadership Lessons From Ted Kennedy

Whether or not you agree with Ted Kennedy’s political views, there’s a lot to learn from his leadership approach. To get a sense of Kennedy’s style, look at what a couple of his key political adversaries had to say about him:

John McCain: We disagreed on most issues, but I admired his passion for his convictions … and his uncanny sense for when differences could be bridged and his cause advanced by degrees.

Orin Hatch: I hadn’t the slightest idea that I would eventually have a strong working relationship with, and love for, the man that I came to fight. 

My take: Here are 3 leadership lessons that we can learn from Kennedy:

  1. Passion is powerful and contagious.
  2. You can disagree on issues without making it personal.
  3. Progress often requires compromise

The bottom line: Long live Kennedy’s leadership legacy.

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