Walgreens’ New CMO Seems On Track

I just read an interview with Walgreens’ new CMO, Kim Feil. Here are some quotes from her in the article:

No drug retailer has a clear and distinctive position from the consumer’s perspective… we are all known for being a great pharmacy and for being convenient… Those are the cost of entry.

I believe that the fundamental caring that our organization has for people is something that will be one of the most distinguishing characteristics in defining who Walgreens is.

I want to see us elevate the Walgreens brand to… be consumers’ first choice for remedy and relief, including finding their beacon of health and personal wellness at Walgreens.

My take: Feil seems to have the right perspective. How am I evaluating her? By looking at how effectively she’s following my 8 steps for a new CMO. In this short interview, she’s demonstrated a bias towards three of those steps: Re-establishing the brand, increasing investment in customer insight, and building-up employee brand advocates. Nice job!

The bottom line: You can’t go wrong focusing on customers and employees.

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2 thoughts on “Walgreens’ New CMO Seems On Track”

  1. She’s also on a little bit of crack, if she doesn’t think that Target’s ClearRX system is not providing a distinctive position… And it’s one driven by experience design!

  2. Peter: I don’t think that’s a fair thing to say about her. It makes sense to assume that noone has developed a clear and ditinctive positioniing; pushing her organization to uncover, and ultimately meet, the deep needs of customers. Having said that, I do think that ClearRx is doing some pretty cool things.

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