Fortune Highlights 10 New Management Gurus

I ran across a list of 10 new gurus you should know on the Fortune Website. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the list. 🙂 Here’s a summary of the new gurus and their big ideas:

Fortune's 10 New Gurus

 The bottom line: Given the need for new management imperatives, it makes sense that we also need a new set of management gurus.

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3 thoughts on “Fortune Highlights 10 New Management Gurus”

  1. Certainly, BJ Fogg is a visionary of current times. He’s been working and researching on Technology Persuation for a while and more often we see how technology will be the big persuader of the future. His Standford Facebook classes were visionary. Someone to follow closely.

    As the world is changing, as you say we need new management imperatives. These “gurus” will be the ones that can guide us with this changes.

  2. Interesting choice of Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini. In our current crisis, he certainly has added his share of gloom to the dismal science. My vote is the somewhat more optimistic Paul Krugman, our newest econ. Nobel Laureate. 🙂

    Andy Green
    Global Managing Editor, Avaya

  3. Dario/Andy: Great feedback. It looks like we’ve got one thumbs-up for Fogg, one thumbs down for Roubini, and a write-in vote for Paul Krugman. On the face of it, I can’t get too excited about Roubini’s idea for a “global regulatory framework.” I’m planning to take a closer look at each of these gurus in future posts.

    Anyone else want to weigh-in with their opinions on these gurus?

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