The Most Enjoyable Firms: Borders And Old Navy

I recently ranked the customer experience of 112 US firms across 9 different industries using Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CxPi). The methodology incorporates consumer feedback in three areas: usefulness, ease of use, and enjoyability. While Costco and Borders came out on the top of the CxPi rankings, many people have asked about the sub-category leaders. I’ll start by looking at the firms that consumers feel are the most enjoyable:

15 Most Enjoyable Firms

Most of these firms are retailers, so not all of the 9 industries were represented in the top 15. Here are the leaders from other industries (along with their overall ranking):

  • Insurers: State Farm (22nd overall)
  • Wireless carriers: Virgin Mobile (36th overall)
  • Credit card issuers: Juniper Bank and American Express (tied for 38th overall)
  • Internet service providers: Bell South (42nd overall)
  • TV service providers: DirecTV (45th overall)
  • Medical insurers: Kaiser (81st overall)

The bottom line: “He who enjoys doing and enjoys what he has done is happy.” (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

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