Mashup: Halloween + Red Sox + CxP

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that I am really passionate about customer experience (CxP) and the Red Sox. This post combines those topics with the topic of the day: Halloween — it’s a real mashup.

I’ll start with the end of the story; this picture of a 2007 World Series ticket signed by Jason Varitek: 

2007 World Series Ticket Signed by Jason Veritek

Now for the rest of the story, starting from the beginning…

I went trick-or-treating with my daughter (who was dressed as Betty Rizzo from Grease — very cute!) and a couple of her friends. As we circled around our normal Halloween route in the neighborhood, we heard from one of our friends that Jason Varitek and Mike Lowell had been to their house trick-or-treating with their kids. [Note: Jason Varitek lives in our neighborhood during the baseball season — but we don’t often see him]. 

Well, that got the neighborhood buzzing. Everyone was on the lookout for Jason who was dressed up in a bright orange jump suit and Mike Lowell who had some mask on.  We didn’t see them during our route and when we went to the Varitek house to trick-or-treat, they had run out of treats (that’s not surprising, since it seemed that every kid within a 2 mile radius had come by their house). But there was no sightings of any Red Sox players.

We continued on our route and came back by the Varitek house on our way home. There was a huge commotion and we found Jason sitting on a wall in front of his house signing autographs. He was great with the kids, signing everything that they put in front of him — from baseballs to foreheads. He signed my daughter’s pink jacket and signed one of her friend’s blue jeans.

So I called my son who was home giving away candy who came rushing over to the Varitek house. We were lucky enough to experience the first game of the World Series at Fenway Park, so my son brought his ticket. Jason was nice enough to sign it. That’s the story of the signed ticket above.

Now to bring in the customer experience piece of the story. It’s all about “Tek.” He’s already loved by Red Sox Nation because of his great play on the field and his leadership in the club house. So he did not need to spend a couple of hours giving out signatures on his front walk. But he did. And he did it graciously. That’s great customer experience!

The bottom line: What an awesome treat for Halloween!

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3 thoughts on “Mashup: Halloween + Red Sox + CxP”

  1. We live in the same city. I won’t mention which one. I live in a different part but what a great story. David Ortiz used to live up the street from me but he moved but I was so looking forward to taking my niece trick or treating there but he had to go

    That is also great that you got to see a World Series game. I won the lottery this year too and got to see game one of the ALDS.
    Have a nice night,

  2. Well “FireDannyAinge,” there’s no question about where your passion lies. I was on your bandwagon until the Celtics signed KG and Ray Allen. I’m not sure if it was the best long-term decision, but it’s fun to have some reason to care about the Celtics again.

    Too bad about missing out on Ortiz. He seems to be a pretty fun-loving guy, so he’s probably a hoot on Halloween.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Passion is an under but IMO three old guys and no one else = a first round playoff exit. It takes a team to win. By the time the season is over one of those 3 will be injured and Scott Pollard will be your best bench player.

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