This Week @ Forrester’s Consumer Forum

Well, this will be a busy week. Forrester’s Consumer Forum called “Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies” is happening on Thursday and Friday in Chicago. I think we’re expecting nearly 800 attendees. Here’s a blurb from the marketing literature:

Fueled by cheap devices and pervasive access, individuals are increasingly taking cues from one another rather than from institutions – a phenomenon that creates chaos for traditional brands, sellers, and media outlets.

It should be a great event. The industry speakers include Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises; Christina Norman, President, MTV Networks; Robert J. Bach, President, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft; and Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Edelman.

I’ve been responsible for creating a track called “Designing Great Social Experiences” and am really excited about the five sessions in the track:

  • Designing Experiences For Young Consumers; led by Ross Popoff-Walker and me. We’ll be showcasing early results from research that we’ve been doing on how firms should design experiences for Gen Yers (18-27 year-olds). We’ll layout 10 characteristics of Gen Yers that firms should keep in mind when they’re designing experiences for these young consumers. And then we’ll provide 4 categories of design strategies to apply.
  • Designing Mobile Social Networks, led by Vidya Lakshmipathy. Vidya will also be showcasing some new research on the ways that mobile can be used to enhance social networks. She’ll also be leading a discussion with execs at firms that have innovative mobile applications: Socialite and Urban Interactive.
  • Customer Review Design Best Practices, led by Megan Burns. Amazon and NetFlix have successfully used customer reviews to help other people make good choices; and many firms are following their lead. In another presentation of brand new research, Megan will disect the key elements of a customer review and then show attendees how to use this information to build a robust customer review system.
  • Blog Design Best Practices, led by Harley Manning. Harley will showcase Forrester’s Blog Review metholodology. Anyone that’s seen Harley speak in the past knows that this will be an action-packed session. (Forrester clients can access to this methodology, as well as others, by clicking this link: Forrester’s CxP methodologies).
  • Social Computing Trends: An Interactive Agency Roundtable, led by Kerry Bodine. Kerry will discuss trends in social computing with execs from an exciting group of design agencies: Avenue A | Razorfish, VML, and Organic.

Many of the sessions are showcasing brand new research, so it should be a really interesting event!

I’ll write-up some highlights from the event in my blog: Stay tuned.

You may also want to check out the blog by two Forrester analysts — Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li — called “Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies.” Josh and Charlene are the keynote speakers at the event and they’re writing a book called Groundswell.

The bottom line: Chicago should be hopping this week.

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